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Welcome to the Journey of a Finnish Developer who focuses on creating games & websites.


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Happy New Year 2017!

Posted on Jan 15

2016 is finally over. For me, the year was one of my busiest ever: I went through to almost all of the last university courses that I have to take for my CS degree while also...


10 Rounds of Vaders’ Dev Blog #4

Posted on Jun 30

Howdy! Before I tell you about my latest developments at 10 Rounds of Vaders’, I’d like to mention a few general things about the game. Some of you might have noticed...


10 Rounds of Vaders’ Dev Blog #3

Posted on Jun 5

Okay, it’s time to continue this little project of mine! 10 Rounds of Vaders’ is a music-based HTML5 space shooter that I’ve been developing for a while...


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